Songs that bring me back to Canada

There are some songs in my Spotify collection which I added while I was in Canada and that I therefore connect to that experience now.

Steve Aoki’s Back 2 U for example reminds me of all the morning runs on the bus commuting to school with my host brother John. But there are many others such as Sean Koch’s Lift You Up or Sample Answer’s Hold On To Me.

It’s crazy how strong the binding between those songs and my memories is. I just need to play one of ’em and instantly a ton of images fill up my mind. Right now I’m listening to Lift You Up (the one I mentioned) and I can’t help but remember all the rides on the skytrain, looking at the landscape outside slide away.

Trevor Hall is a songwriter I discovered while in Canada and I totally love his songs: Well I Say remembers me of all the time spent wanderin’ in the school’s halls with my friends and the walks on the way home in the night. Back To You it’s another crazy song from him too, I listened to it so much back there.

Coleman Hell’s Fireproof it’s a killer. I used to listen to it during the afternoons chilling around with my mate Pavle. He used to hate it though ahah, he’s more a trap guy.

All of these songs are special to me, and I hope you’ll like them, if you wanna see more posts about music, visit my dedicated post category. 



I don’t really care about music gear

I really love music, and I truly love playing guitar. It’s probably the longest-lasting of my passions, if we make an exception for snowboarding, which I’ve been practicing for 7 years.

I just realized that I’m not really keen about musical gear, like guitars, strings, amps and other stuff. I don’t surf the web wondering about the new flagship Fender guitar or the best Vox Amplifier, I just stick with what I have. I just don’t care much about it. Also I think that there’s need of some time to get to know your instrument, how it sounds, how it feels when you play it.

It doesn’t matter what gear you use, if you are passionate about something and put effort and practice you can make a masterpiece song out of any guitar.

It’s not the instrument that makes the musician.

The beauty of music

Music isn’t just a hobbie to me, Music is a friend, a wise elder always ready to give advice. The beauty of it is that it only comes when YOU want, when you REALLY need It. I listen to so many different artists that I can’t pick a favorite one, I just can’t. Every mood has a genre that goes with it, and I find this truly beautiful, Music is suitable for any kind of situation regardless of who is listening, where and when: music is universal.

A song I feel like sharing today