4 Things I love about Netflix

I’ve recently subscribed again to Netflix (I used to have it while I was in Canada but then I cancelled it) and I’m just loving it. It’s just addictive. It works perfectly on all my devices and even my parents are loving it, a thing that I didn’t exactly expect. 

Here’s what I love about it:

  1. It’s stuffed with content.  Netflix is just full with amazing films and tv-series, everyone can find something that matches his own taste.
  2. It’s multi-platform.   I use Netflix on my phone, my iPad and my Xbox360 and it just works great. It syncs the episodes automatically so I never watch a thing twice and it’s so handy and accesible. Dumb-proof.
  3. Netflix Originals. One amazing thing (that not many broadcasters do, and surely not as much and as well as Netflix) are the original series and films that they produce. It makes the whole experience a lot more exclusive because you can watch content you couldn’t find in any other way. Smart.
  4. It’s cheap.  I can’t believe how cheap Netflix actually is, unbelievable. It’s way cheaper than any other film/video entertainment provider such as Sky or cable tv or any other thing. You gotta have a good bandwidth tho, but that’s not a big de after all.

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