The insane power of words

We got no idea of how powerful language can be. Words are the strongest weapon on Earth, there is no A-bomb that can possibly face the strenght of a well-said word. Precisely, well-said, because it’s all about HOW you say something, no matter what you say. The same word can have opposite responses depending on how its said, which is amazing, but scarying too. Sometimes I think we care too much about HOW something its said instead of understanding WHAT its actually being said. Balance is what we need, the right mix of content and shape.

It happened to me so many times that I stopped counting them. People often don’t even listen to what you say if they perceive a tone or a mood that they don’t like, which is a part of the HOW’s I was talking about. We should learn to go over the HOW and think more about the WHAT. It’s a good deal for everybody, there is no loser in understanding each other.


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