What passionates me about Photography

My Photography teacher Shawn Robinson once told me:

“Photography is the only way we have to let people see the world through our eyes.”

Well, I think he got the point there. That’s exactly what Photograhy, and I’d say art in general, is all about: showing to other people the world HOW WE SEE IT, showing OUR VISION, and with our vision our ideas and beliefs. A real photographer is that person that is able to impress people with one image and through that same picture express his vision of the world. Many people call themselves “photographers”, and so do I, because they know how to handle a camera. But that’s not what being a photographer is about. And that’s why I put myself in this category, because yes, I can handle a DSLR and not screw up everything, but I’m not good enough at taking pictures the way they have to be taken, not yet. Simple as that.

So this is what passionates me about photography, the meaning of it. Technical skills are important, yes, I would say they are fundamental because with no skills expressing your vision effectively could be a little though, but the message here is king.


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