10 Places I really want to visit

Travelling is something that I wish I’ll be able to do constantly in my life. The world it’s here to be explored. I’m really fortunate because I’ve already been abroad a bunch of times since I was a little kid because my parents love to travel and they always brought me along.

These are 10 places I would go to instantly if I could and that I will surely visit one day or another:

  1. Iceland: I’m truly fascinated by his two faces: it’s a land of ice and fire.
  2. Nepal: The Himalaya always had a particular influence on me, I mean, it’s the goddamn Earth’s roof for fuck’s sake.
  3. Brasil: I used to have relatives in South America, and I always wanted to pay a visit, but never had a chance to.
  4. Chile: A land of deserts, mountains, shores and waves. I can’t ask for more.
  5. Alaska: Have you ever seen “Into The Wild” by Sean Penn? Yes? Then you know what I’m talking about.
  6. Australia: I almost moved over there in 2008 because of my dad’s job, then the crisis came in so all went to hell. I have to go.
  7. South Africa: Penguins. Sharks. Surf. Nelson Mandela. The Springboks. Do you need more?
  8. Netherlands: I always wanted to visit Amsterdam, that’s why.
  9. Japan: I just want to go there, looks LIT
  10. Russia: I don’t actually give a damn about Russia itself, but I really want to take the Transiberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok, I saw it on Discovery Channel something like a thousand times.

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