The Recovery

Settling back to my usual routine here in Italy wasn’t easy. It ain’t easy. The first days went through pretty fast, they just flew away like seconds. After a couple weeks I started to be bored, and I started to miss Canada. Home is Home, YES, but Canada is Canada too, folks. I missed the freedom I had oversea, the complete autonomy I had to organize my life, in every aspect. It had downsides too, like running out of money at the beginning of every month and having to pray for the Credit Card to work for the rest of the time because I had no damn clue of what my balance was (shitty homecountry bank lol).

School is being pretty though this year, so I’m pretty busy with it. Canada had a big point here: school was bullshit, total damn bullshit. I was getting B’s without opening a book, just paying attention in class, someday.

Anyway, I digressed, as I was saying I started to strongly miss Canada, but luckily, thanks to my friends and with the school keeping me so busy, I got over it and now I’m back and happy. I recovered. I don’t really know how it happened, it just happened. Honestly when I realize that I’ve been back for two months already, it just scares the sh*t out me.  It seems like yesterday the day I flew back, and more than that it feels just like a couple weeks ago the day I left for Canada! It amazes and scares me everytime when I realize that time goes so fast. This whole damn thing has been so quick. Faster than the blink of an eye. No shit.

Unfortunately I don’t know when I will be back there, hopefully soon, but at the moment I’m home, and I’m finally happy about it.


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