3 Reasons why I love Vancouver

When I first landed at YVR Airport I had no idea of the city outside and the start I had wasn’t one of the best. My first host family in fact lived in an area that I didn’t really like and my host brother was quite a pain in the ass.

But, thanks to time and my host change, I started to hang out and discover the amazing city of Vancouver.


Here it’s what I found lovely about it:

  1. IT’S SO GREEN : Van is full of parks and gardens, each one better than the other.
  2. ITS TRANSIT IS LIT : the SkyTrain is just awesome, it brings you everywhere in seconds, and it’s always on time, guaranteed.
  3. DOWNTOWN IS AWESOME : although it’s not that big, Van’s downtown is a jewel, full of shops, venues, restaurants and pubs.

But Vancouver is not only about downtown: it’s neighbourhoods are lovely too. It’s not rare to find unadvertised gardens and small parks, little discoveries every day. Van has got a surprise for you everyday, and that’s what I loved the most.


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