Canada: my second Home

When I first left Italy to Canada for my Exchange Year on August 27th 2016, I had no idea what I was going to live, which people I was going to encounter, what I was going to feel and more than anything I couldn’t imagine how much this experience would have changed me.

The few months I spent in Vancouver changed me: they made me better, more mature, more conscious that the world doesn’t end two feet from home. This experience really taught me how different cultures can be, and how everyone is as important and beautiful as the others. There is no winner, there ain’t no winner.

Everyday has been a discovery, and adventurous journey. Each evening I got home richer, conscious of having learned something important. This kind of experience shouldn’t be this expensive and elective, this should be compulsory for every student.

Now I have a new home, a second home, not better and not worse than my first one, just completely and beautifully different.

Anybody that says that one culture is better than another one is an idiot, with which parameters do you measure the “better” and the “worse”? Food? Language? Religion? It’s impossible to compare them, they are just different. Thanks to God.


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