Loneliness isn’t necessarily bad. At all. In fact I like to think of myself like a social-loner. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any friends, it just means that I’m both of those things, I’m a social animal  but I’m also a loner sometimes.

I like to spend time by myself once in a while, it relaxes me, it seriously helps me re-order my thoughts and wipes out all the BS from my brain. When I’m alone I learn about myself, I concentrate on myself and forget about the surroundings. I have particular activities I like to do when I’m alone like playing music, or blogging, as I’m doing right now, or just lay on my bed with my eyes closed, clear my mind and breathe.

Travelling really helps me to re-order my thoughts too, particularly when I travel by train. I like watching through the train’s window and see the landscape pass by. It’s so relaxing to me, it makes my imagination fly and I honestly have the best ideas in those rare moments.


The Recovery

Settling back to my usual routine here in Italy wasn’t easy. It ain’t easy. The first days went through pretty fast, they just flew away like seconds. After a couple weeks I started to be bored, and I started to miss Canada. Home is Home, YES, but Canada is Canada too, folks. I missed the freedom I had oversea, the complete autonomy I had to organize my life, in every aspect. It had downsides too, like running out of money at the beginning of every month and having to pray for the Credit Card to work for the rest of the time because I had no damn clue of what my balance was (shitty homecountry bank lol).

School is being pretty though this year, so I’m pretty busy with it. Canada had a big point here: school was bullshit, total damn bullshit. I was getting B’s without opening a book, just paying attention in class, someday.

Anyway, I digressed, as I was saying I started to strongly miss Canada, but luckily, thanks to my friends and with the school keeping me so busy, I got over it and now I’m back and happy. I recovered. I don’t really know how it happened, it just happened. Honestly when I realize that I’ve been back for two months already, it just scares the sh*t out me.  It seems like yesterday the day I flew back, and more than that it feels just like a couple weeks ago the day I left for Canada! It amazes and scares me everytime when I realize that time goes so fast. This whole damn thing has been so quick. Faster than the blink of an eye. No shit.

Unfortunately I don’t know when I will be back there, hopefully soon, but at the moment I’m home, and I’m finally happy about it.

3 Reasons why I love Vancouver

When I first landed at YVR Airport I had no idea of the city outside and the start I had wasn’t one of the best. My first host family in fact lived in an area that I didn’t really like and my host brother was quite a pain in the ass.

But, thanks to time and my host change, I started to hang out and discover the amazing city of Vancouver.


Here it’s what I found lovely about it:

  1. IT’S SO GREEN : Van is full of parks and gardens, each one better than the other.
  2. ITS TRANSIT IS LIT : the SkyTrain is just awesome, it brings you everywhere in seconds, and it’s always on time, guaranteed.
  3. DOWNTOWN IS AWESOME : although it’s not that big, Van’s downtown is a jewel, full of shops, venues, restaurants and pubs.

But Vancouver is not only about downtown: it’s neighbourhoods are lovely too. It’s not rare to find unadvertised gardens and small parks, little discoveries every day. Van has got a surprise for you everyday, and that’s what I loved the most.

Canada: my second Home

When I first left Italy to Canada for my Exchange Year on August 27th 2016, I had no idea what I was going to live, which people I was going to encounter, what I was going to feel and more than anything I couldn’t imagine how much this experience would have changed me.

The few months I spent in Vancouver changed me: they made me better, more mature, more conscious that the world doesn’t end two feet from home. This experience really taught me how different cultures can be, and how everyone is as important and beautiful as the others. There is no winner, there ain’t no winner.

Everyday has been a discovery, and adventurous journey. Each evening I got home richer, conscious of having learned something important. This kind of experience shouldn’t be this expensive and elective, this should be compulsory for every student.

Now I have a new home, a second home, not better and not worse than my first one, just completely and beautifully different.

Anybody that says that one culture is better than another one is an idiot, with which parameters do you measure the “better” and the “worse”? Food? Language? Religion? It’s impossible to compare them, they are just different. Thanks to God.

The beauty of music

Music isn’t just a hobbie to me, Music is a friend, a wise elder always ready to give advice. The beauty of it is that it only comes when YOU want, when you REALLY need It. I listen to so many different artists that I can’t pick a favorite one, I just can’t. Every mood has a genre that goes with it, and I find this truly beautiful, Music is suitable for any kind of situation regardless of who is listening, where and when: music is universal.

A song I feel like sharing today

Something to start

I always found hard to find something I’m really passionate about. I mean, I’m passionate about many things, but each one of these passions comes and goes as time does, and I’m really struggling to find the one that I should keep as my main passion. So I decided to start out this blog, to share my passions in the hope that this activity will help me find the one to keep.