The beauty of music

Music isn’t just a hobbie to me, Music is a friend, a wise elder always ready to give advice. The beauty of it is that it only comes when YOU want, when you REALLY need It. I listen to so many different artists that I can’t pick a favorite one, I just can’t. Every mood has a genre that goes with it, and I find this truly beautiful, Music is suitable for any kind of situation regardless of who is listening, where and when: music is universal.

A song I feel like sharing today


Something to start

I always found hard to find something I’m really passionate about. I mean, I’m passionate about many things, but each one of these passions comes and goes as time does, and I’m really struggling to find the one that I should keep as my main passion. So I decided to start out this blog, to share my passions in the hope that this activity will help me find the one to keep.